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End of #summer #nature photos, here is a great bunch of black eyed susans 😏🌻#flowers #garden Pretty sure my step-mom is single-handedly saving bees from extinction 😁

Shocking red #petunias courtesy of #retrica app. #wisconsin ‘s last breath of #summer πŸ’›πŸŒžπŸ’› #flowers #garden 🌱 #nature πŸƒ

πŸ’—Good Morning, allow me to flood the feed with 🌻🌼🌻 #nature #flowers #wisconsin #morning glory


"The wonderful thing about Egyptian art is its immense dignity and restraint. Only the ancient Egyptians could have produced it. A sense of the sacred was in their everyday lives and in their art. It was made with eternity in mind."Β 

β€”Β  Stuart Graham as Howard Carter, The Search for Tutankhamun (2005)

Every time I look at a piece of ancient Egyptian art I can’t help wondering about the artists who created it and the people who were surrounded by it. Who were they? What were their lives like? It is this curiosity that often inspires me and influences my work and it is this curiosity that is one of the main reasons to why I wish to study egyptology … :-)Β 

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"Enchanting Dryad" - Lee Ho Jung photographed by Shin Seon Hye for W



Charles Beaubrun - Queen Marie Thérèse and her son the Dauphin of France (1663-66)

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La vie exécrable de Guillemette Babin, sorcière (1926) - Maurice Garçon

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Is it time to crawl into a hole and die yet?

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